Tahya Tounes calls on Public Prosecutor to examine report on "Operation Carthage "
10/06/2020 20:13, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Tahya Tounes movement warned against "the seriousness of the report content published by the US research center Atlantic Council, on what came to be known as the "Operation Carthage ".

According to the report, a digital campaign was launched on social media seeking to influence the Tunisian public opinion and voters during the 2019 elections.

At a press conference held Wednesday in Tunis, the party called on the Public Prosecutor to examine this case so as to ensure voters' free will to express themselves and protect Tunisia's democratic process.

"The report claims that foreign forces used suspicious tools and funding to influence voters during the presidential and legislative elections as well as defame the political class in Tunisia and in other African countries," added the party.

Tahya Tounes pledged to form a parliamentary committee of inquiry as well as send letters to the President of the Republic and the PM so as to follow up on this case as well as the case of correspondence sent by Facebook to the government, concerning the Archimedes group (An Israeli company of online influence).

The party also decided to send correspondences to the Independent High Election Authority (French: ISIE) and to the National Agency for Computer Security (ANSI), calling on both the civil society and journalists to investigate this case and uncover the truth.

Taking the floor, party leader Héla Omrane, said that the report released on June 5 by a laboratory of the American research center "Atlantic Council" constitutes "the missing link in a series of dubious attempts to manipulate the elections in Tunisia and abroad".

According to her, the content of the report corroborates the statements made by the Facebook spokesperson in 2018 regarding practices aimed at influencing the public opinion in several countries including Tunisia.

It also announced the closure of 265 accounts and a Facebook page belonging to the Israeli company Archimedes involved in smear campaigns directed against politicians.

Tahya Tounes refuses to question the results of the legislative and presidential elections despite the seriousness of these practices surrounding the electoral and democratic process, Omrane underlined.

Leader in Tahya Tounes Mahmoud Smaoui said that "the Operation Carthage" revealed the link established between these disinformation pages and the «Ureputation» Company set up in Tunisia. The administrator of these pages is a Tunisian journalist who has ties with that company, he added.

Smaoui recalled that 182 Facebook accounts, 446 Facebook pages, 96 groups and 209 Instagram accounts related to Ureputation were closed, according to the report, adding that "huge amounts in foreign currency have been paid to influence voters".

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