Investigation into assault of two Tunisian undocumented migrants in Agrigento (Moez Sinaoui)
20/06/2020 17:03, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Italian Public Prosecutor's Office in Agrigento, Italy, has opened an investigation into the attack by an Italian security officer on two Tunisian migrants who tried to escape from the region's detention centre, Tunisian Ambassador to Rome Moez Sinaoui said the security officer will appear in court this Wednesday, June 24.

In a statement to TAP, Sinaoui stressed that the dignity of Tunisians is a red line signalling that the embassy will take all measures to defend the rights of the migrants concerned.

In this context, Sinaoui said he contacted the chief of staff of the Italian interior minister who expressed regret for the incident, calling it an individual act and a serious professional misconduct.

The Italian official has informed Sinaoui that an investigation has been opened into the matter with a view to determining responsibility and taking appropriate sanctions.

Sinaoui indicated that he expressed to the Italian official his strong indignation and denunciation of the shameful and irresponsible act committed by the Italian security officer in violation of human rights and international conventions and treaties.

He further requested him to temporarily suspend the concerned security guard from his work pending the outcome of the investigation.

In addition, Sinaoui stated that at the request of the Embassy, the Tunisian consul in Palermo, Jalel Ben Belgacem, travelled to Agrigento with a lawyer where he met with officials of the detention centre to investigate the incident.

The consul requested psychological assistance for the two Tunisian migrants following the attack but was unable to see the victims as they were in mandatory lockdown.

The ambassador expressed his thanks to the Italian deputies and to the Tunisian civil society active in Italy which had mobilised to defend the dignity of Tunisians and to condemn this irresponsible behaviour.

A video recently broadcast on social media showed an Italian security agent forcing a Tunisian migrant to slap another Tunisian migrant.

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