Ennahdha: suspicion of conflict of interest against PM undermines image of coalition government
05/07/2020 17:30, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Ennahdha movement said it was closely following the investigations into the suspicion of a conflict of interest against Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh, believing that this issue had undermined the image of the entire government coalition.

According to Ennahdha, this calls for the position vis-à-vis the government and the government coalition to be reassessed and submitted for consideration to the next session of the Shura Council in order to take a proper decision.

In a statement released after the Saturday evening meeting of its executive bureau under the chairmanship of party president Rached Ghannouchi, Ennahdha expressed concern about the refusal of the Prime Minister to enlarge the government coalition as it requested.

The aim, according to Ennahdha, is for the government to be more coherent and harmonious capable of facing the economic and social challenges and the critical situation the country is going through requiring the collaboration of all national forces to overcome it.

Ennahdha Party also expresses its concern about the fragmentation of the government coalition and the lack of solidarity required.

"Some partners seek to target Ennahdha by aligning themselves with extremist political forces to miss out on suspicious parliamentary options and divert parliament from its mission to serve national issues," Ennahdha regrets.

Ennahdha's Shura council chairman Abdelkrim Harouni said on June 29 that the party was closely monitoring ongoing investigations into the possible involvement of the Prime Minister in a conflict of interest and would not show leniency to a member of the government in the event of proven corruption.

He said the movement calls for broadening political support for the government and strengthening governmental and parliamentary solidarity.

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