Terrorist plots targeting tourism sector and vital facilities thwarted (Interior Ministry)
09/07/2020 13:49, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Unit of Investigation into Terrorist Crimes under the Directorate General of the National Security Specialised Services has thwarted terrorist plots targeting the tourism sector and vital facilities.

The unit conducted a proactive operation that helped arrest the main element in the terrorist plot in a Greater Tunis governorate.

In a press release issued Thursday, the Interior Ministry said during the interrogation, the element confessed to having adopted the Takfiri thinking following his incarceration for a common law case in a prison abroad where he was in contact with a dangerous terrorist involved in a terrorist case."

The arrested individual was planning after his return to Tunisia to carry "lone wolf" operations.

The Takfiri element also contacted other individuals sharing the same thinking who have pledged allegiance to the "Daesh" terrorist organisation.

Individuals involved in the long-term execution of terrorist plans, target identification and follow-up operations to assess security deployment at targeted facilities were arrested, the same source added.

The Interior Ministry pointed out that all these individuals are unknown to security services.

According to the same source, the main element had appeared before the Counter-Terrorism Judicial Division.

The judge in charge of the case issued a detention warrant against him.

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