Petition to withdraw confidence from parliament Speaker, so far collected over 73 signatures (Statement)
13/07/2020 13:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The petition for the withdrawal of confidence from House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Speaker Rached Ghannouchi has so far collected over 73 signatures, said Monday member of the democratic Group Haykel Mekki.

"More signatures will be collected," Mekki said at a press briefing in the Bardo Palace, adding that the petition will be submitted to the HPR Bureau.

It is, according to Mekki, a new petition that has nothing to do with the one previously submitted by the Free Destourian Party (PDL) to the same end.

The petition aims to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi for overruns recorded during his management of the parliament.

Mekki recalled the incident that had taken place in the parliament where al-Karama Coalition President Seifeddine Makhlouf attempted to forcibly bring in an individual who is the subject of a travel ban.

Four parliamentary groups had started procdeures to withdraw confidence from the HPR Speaker during a meeting held Saturday, said Spokesperson for the Democratic Current Mohamed Ammar

In a statement to TAP on Sunday, Ammar specified that in addition to the democratic group (the Democratic Current and Echaab Movement), the National Reform group, Tahya Tounes and Al-Watania joined this action.

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