Tunisia and Algeria will increase contacts with Libyan sides to ensure country’s stability
13/07/2020 18:50, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Tunisia and Algeria will increase contacts with Libyan sides and international players with the aim of reaching a true dialogue that will guarantee Libya's stability and prosperity, the Tunisian and Algerian Foreign Ministers announced after their meeting Monday in Tunis.

Algerian minister, Sabri Boukadoum, considered that the common positions of Algeria and Tunisia on the Libyan issue "have nothing to do with oil or economic interests.

What matters most to the leaders of both countries is the stability of Libya and respect for its territorial integrity.

He welcomed "the consultation and coordination between Tunisia and Algeria on this important issue, which is decisive for both countries".

He expressed the hope that the efforts of Tunisia and Algeria would contribute to a political settlement between Libyans that would put an end to the suffering of the Libyan people and fulfil their legitimate expectations for a strong, united and stable state.

He added that saving Libya is a duty dictated by the ties of neighbourhood and solid historical relations.

He stressed the determination of the two countries' leaderships to work towards a political settlement in Libya, far from foreign interference and narrow and contradictory agendas.

"It can be asserted that Tunisia and Algeria are the only two states that have no agenda in Libya," said Tunisian Foreign Minister Noureddine Erray.

Tunisia and Algeria only seek to restore the unity and stability of Libya through peaceful and consensual solutions among Libyans themselves, without foreign interference, he added.

He said the Libyan case is "delicate" and "involves the national security of both countries".

It is the duty of Tunisia and Algeria "to encourage the Libyan protagonists and the influential parties in this issue for a political solution that puts an end to the conflict in this country and paves the way for a better future in Libya and in the entire region".

He also noted that the meeting was an opportunity to reaffirm that the Palestinian question remains "a major cause for the Arab nation".

Erray stressed that Tunisia and Algeria will seriously work to "defend the rights of the Palestinian people and confront all Israeli attempts to undermine international legitimacy".

Concerning the joint Arab action, the Foreign Minister stressed that Tunisia and Algeria consider that this system needs a deep reform that will enable it to meet the current challenges and deal with the current Arab issues.

Bilaterally, Noureddine Erray expressed the willingness of Tunisia and Algeria to raise cooperation relations to the level of a strategic partnership, particularly in the fields of technology and health.

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