“We have to consult with the movement’s structures to make decision on Mechichi’s position” (Noureddine Bhiri)
11/08/2020 18:59, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - "We have to consult with the party's structures which have the power to make whatever decision," President of Ennahdha parliamentary group Noureddine Bhiri told reporters at the end of his meeting with PM-designate Hichem Méchichi Tuesday in Dar Dhiafa, Carhage.

Bhiri was commenting on Mechichi’s decision to form a government of technocrats away from parties.

“Discussions on the next government line-up will continue. We hope it will be formed after reaching a consensus between all parties,” he pointed out.

Bhiri pointed out that the PM’s decision to opt for a technocratic government was preceded by the position of the Shura Council. It was in favour of a national unity government enjoying broad political support, one that takes into account both the balances within the parliament and the results of legislative elections, he added.

Bhiri said the meeting with Mechichi was an opportunity to shed light on the merits of the decision made by the Shura Council, while expressing his optimism about the outcomes of the consultations.

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