Gov't counts on constructive, efficient cooperation with Presidency of Republic and Parliament (Mechichi)
03/09/2020 13:28, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The new government has been formed in a volatile context months after the legislative elections held in October 2019, and must face the rising expectations of Tunisians and their aspiration for a palpable change in their economic and social conditions, which have been worsened by a difficult global economic and health situation, Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said at the official handover ceremony held Thursday in Carthage.

“This context is far from discouraging us from redoubling efforts and action to put an end to the economic haemorrhage,” he affirmed.

The government, he argued, is counting on a constructive and effective cooperation and coordination with the Presidency of the Republic and the Parliament, as well as with all the country's active forces, political parties and national organisations, stating that it is open to advice and criticism and to any initiative that could push the country forward.

Besides, he commended the achievements accomplished by the previous governments, which, he assured, will be preserved and consolidated.

The Premier voiced satisfaction at the stability of the security situation despite the threats and risks that persist on the borders. This has been achieved thanks to the sacrifices made by the security and military institutions to which the new PM insisted to pay tribute in his address.

In the same vein, Mechichi affirmed determination to combat terrorism, crime and any breach of the public order, undertaking to reinforce the military and security institutions with human and material resources.

The PM concluded by commending the efforts exerted by the medics and paramedics in the public and private sectors in their war against the spread of coronavirus.

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