PDL marchers demand additional measures to combat terrorism
19/09/2020 19:15, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The Free Destourian Party (French: PDL) staged Saturday a march against terrorism in Tunis with the participation of civil society.

Demonstrators marched to demand additional measures to combat terrorism and dismantle networks of terrorist recruitment and financing in Tunisia and abroad. Anti-terrorism slogans were chanted.

"The fight against terrorism is a popular demand and a duty that falls on the State," President of PDL Abir Moussi told reporters.

The party will take the issue to the United Nations if authorities fail to take action and put in place necessary mechanisms.

"We must dry up sources of terrorist financing," she said.

The UN Security Council issued resolutions under which countries commit to take measures against terrorism, its financing and money laundering.”

"All indicators show that terrorist attacks were carried out by Tunisian nationals," Moussi added as she levelled complicity accusations against the Troika (2011-2014) and the Muslim brotherhood.

"Hundreds of billions entered Tunisia through Ras Jedir border crossing and got out of the country within 48 hours without determining liability," she further said.

The PDL will present the PM with documentation on the terrorism situation in the country.

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