"We are against mentality and policy of scapegoat," says Mechichi
19/10/2020 09:38, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - "We are against the mentality and policy of the scapegoat," Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said in an interview given Sunday evening to the national TV channel "Al Wataniya 1," considering that following the Sbeitla tragedy, the State had shouldered its responsibilities by dismissing the Kasserine governor whom he described as a "competent" official.

Mechichi had decided to dismiss the Kasserine governor following the incident of October 13 in Sbeitla during which a citizen was killed after the demolition of a street stall by the municipality team while he had been asleep there.

Speaking about his relationship with President Kais Saied, Mechichi stated: "At the human level, my relationship with the President of the Republic is excellent and based on mutual respect. At the institutional level, it is governed by the provisions of the Constitution, which sets out the prerogatives of each side."

In another vein, the prime minister explained his decision to dismiss Culture Minister Walid Zidi by the latter's non-compliance with the obligations of reservation and government discipline.

The Premier also ruled out any merger of the Ministries of Culture and Tourism and Handicrafts, given the importance of the files handled by each department, while affirming his support for all workers in the cultural field, especially in the current economic situation that Tunisia is undergoing.

As regards cabinet reshuffle, he explained that any change should be based on an assessment and that it is still early to talk about it.

He added that his government, despite its independence, enjoys political support, requesting more time for his team to materialise their programmes and commitments.

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