Civil society expresses indignation at blogger's two-year prison sentence
21/11/2020 11:10, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)-Civil society organisations and associations expressed their astonishment at the sentencing of blogger Wajdi Mahouachi to two years in prison on November 12 for "undermining justice."

This is a "heavy" and "unjustified" sentence," the organisations said in a joint statement, adding that such heavy sentences against a young blogger confirm Amnesty International's serious concerns in its report on Tunisia, which denounced the persecution of bloggers by activating old regime laws repressing freedom of expression.

According to these organisations, blogger Mahouachi was astonished by the silence of the public prosecutor's office when a video circulated on the Internet in which an extremist preacher justified the assassination of Samuel Paty - the French teacher whose throat was slit by a terrorist - and incited young people to terrorism as a "tribute" to the Prophet.

"We don't approve of Mahouachi's style and abuse of language, but we don't think this justifies the swift reaction of justice: an unprecedentedly severe verdict pronounced in record time," the organisations said.


While demanding a review of the verdict against Wajdi Mahouachi, we call on the Public Prosecutor's Office and the various judicial and police authorities to be vigilant against the circulation of videos attacking our security and our freedoms disseminated by preachers and imams inciting violence and terrorism with impunity," the same statement reads.


First signatories :

Beity Association

Association Culture of Two Shores (ACDR)

Association Citizenship Development Cultures Migrations of the two shores (CDCMIR)

Hassen-Saadaoui Association-Foundation for Democracy and Equality

Association "les Ponts de Genève"

Tunisian Association for the Defence of Individual Liberties (ATDLI)

Tunisian Association for the Defence of University Values (ATDVU)

Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities (ASTM)

Association "Nachaz-Dissonances"

Association Vigilance for Democracy and the Civic State (Yaquadha)

Tunis Centre for the Freedom of the Press

Culture and Citizenship Collective - 3C

Committee for the Respect of Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia (CRLDHT)

Committee of Vigilance for Democracy in Tunisia (CVDT) - Belgium


Federation of Tunisian Citizens of the Two Shores (FTCR)

Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES)

Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH)

Soumoud Citizen Movement

National Observatory for the Defence of the Civil Nature of the State

Organisation Against Torture in Tunisia (OCTT)

Organisation 23_10 for Support to the Democratic Transition Process

National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT)

Union of Tunisians for Citizen Action (UTAC)

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