Time to work on ambitious programme that puts citizen at heart of development process (Mechichi)
28/11/2020 13:08, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - It is time to work on an ambitious and unifying programme that places the citizen at the heart of the development process, Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi told Parliament Saturday.

We are in favour of a solidarity and inclusive development with the State as the locomotive and unity as a slogan, he pointed out.

He called on MPs, politicians and social and professional organisations to massively embrace this programme. "Our government is that of solutions and achievements".

Mechichi, who was speaking at the opening of a plenary dedicated to the draft state budget for 2021, noted that this budget must mark a change and a new beginning for the country.

"Change is a choice and can become a destiny," he said.

He added that Tunisia is now leading a decisive struggle to keep the interest of the country and its economy above everything.

The government is setting an agenda and reaches out to constructive dialogue, he suggested, expressing confidence in the ability of Tunisians to meet the multiple challenges.

In this regard, the PM stressed the importance of having bonds of trust and enhance dialogue between the government and the various actors on the public scene.

"We have embarked on a long but sure path that guarantees the right of all Tunisians to development and a fair distribution of resources," he went on saying, adding that the state will not abandon its social role.

"We are all equal citizens in this country that refuses to give in to blackmail and we will face violence by force of law," said the PM who regretted the attitude of those who seek to invest in the misfortunes of Tunisians.

He also said that his government has chosen to look for solutions rather than create problems.

He criticised the lack of political stability which further complicates an already complex economic and social situation that has been further aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

For it is true that the health situation is not the only crisis facing the country.

He referred, in this connection, to the economic and financial difficulties, the social problems and also the management of the democratic transition in the country.

The economic and social situation is not the result of the pandemic, he noted. It is the consequence of political choices accumulated over years and for which we are all responsible, Hichem Mechichi said on this point.

On social protests in some regions, Mechichi, considers that the only security treatment is a practice of the past.

He has put forward priorities and a development approach designed by the inhabitants of the regions themselves, in coordination with the central government, regional and local authorities and the components of civil society.

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