Tenth Anniversary of Revolution: HPR urges national unity, reiterates support for national dialogue
14/01/2021 21:02, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - On the 10th anniversary of the Revolution, the House of People's Representatives urged national unity, getting back to work and pursuing efforts to complete democratic transition.

It also called for avoiding polemics, fruitless conflicts and futile attempts to degrade state's institutions.

In a statement issued Thursday, the Parliament expressed its commitment to continue to uphold the rule of law and apply it to all, to consolidate the values of equity and solidarity among Tunisians.

It reiterated its support for the national dialogue proposed by the Tunisian General Labour Union.

The parliament also said Tunisia has been able to implement the will of the people and take important steps towards building a democracy long dreamed of by generations of free Tunisian.

This is by working to complete the establishment of republican institutions, preserve and strengthen freedom of thought, expression and assembly, establish political pluralism and ensure respect for human rights.

On the other hand, the parliament added, the socio-economic situation has not made the same progress.

Productivity has slowed markedly and poor growth has led to a deterioration in the living conditions of citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the economic situation.

The Parliament has emphasized the determination to work for the revival of the economy and the implementation of the reforms needed to promote a favorable investment climate and capture markets to sell Tunisian products.

Finally, the House of People's Representatives invites all Tunisians to "not lose hope".

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