Mechichi announces cabinet reshuffle
16/01/2021 18:34, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi announced at a press briefing Saturday in Kasbah a Cabinet reshuffle that involved eleven ministerial portfolios and suppressed a ministry and a secretariat of state.

Minister of Justice: Youssef Zouaghi

Minister of the Interior: Walid Dhahbi

Minister of State Property and Land Affairs: Abdellatif Missaoui

Minister of Local Affairs and Environment Chiheb Ben Ahmed

Minister of Health: Hedi Khairi

Minister of Industry and SMEs: Ridha Ben Mosbah

Minister of Energy and Mines: Sofien Ben Tounes

Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources: Oussama Khriji

Minister of Culture and Heritage Development: Youssef Ben Brahim

Minister of Vocational Training, Employment, Social Economy and Solidarity: Youssef Fennira

Minister of Youth and Sports: Zakaria Belkhoja

Mechichi highlighted the challenges the government will face in the next phase; the launch of economic reforms and the move towards upholding social justice and solidarity development between regions.

The reshuffle is intended to bring more efficiency and harmony to government action, while keeping the same logic, namely an independent team supported by a "political and parliamentary majority belt".

The cabinet team interacts positively with all components of the political class and national organisations and works in harmony with constitutional institutions, he further indicated.

As part of the reshuffle, it was decided to abandon the post of secretary of state for finance and the ministry in charge of relations with constitutional bodies and civil society and to attach the services of this department to the Prime Ministry.

This reshuffle followed an assessment of the government's performance and the level of coordination between its structures, Mechichi said.

"It stems from a willingness to work and bring achievements to the country, within respect for the Constitution, one of the achievements of the revolution of freedom and dignity whose anniversary we have just celebrated.”

He added, "It is now time for this Revolution to guarantee us development and stability.
Stability does not mean the absence of disagreements. It implies the good management of the difference between institutions, within respect of the State and its laws.”
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