Kais Saied: Proposed cabinet reshuffle is contrary to provisions of Constitution
25/01/2021 21:06, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – President Kais Saied considered that the cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi did not comply with the provisions of the Constitution.

Article 92 of Constitution stipulates that "the Head of Government is responsible for creating, modifying and dissolving ministries and secretariats of state, as well as determining their mandates and prerogatives, after discussing the matter with the Council of Ministers," he added.

The draft reshuffle, which is a fundamental procedure, was not discussed in the Council of Ministers, he said in an address to the Prime Minister at the Security Council meeting on Tuesday at the Carthage Palace.

Kais Saied, who appeared in a video posted on the Presidency of the Republic's social media page, said he had received correspondence from the PM and the speaker of parliament on the cabinet reshuffle.

However, he insisted that such correspondence must first be addressed to the President of the Republic who will submit it, after examination, to Parliament.

Saied criticised the choice of the PM, to name himself acting Minister of Interior after the dismissal of the minister.

The role of the Presidency of the Republic is not limited to receiving documents, signing decrees and organising swearing-in ceremonies.

The Presidency of the Republic ensures the protection of the State and the continuity of its institutions, he said.

The President of the Republic pointed out, with regard to the cabinet reshuffle, that there is no article in the Constitution that stipulates that the reshuffle must be submitted to the vote of parliament.

This is only stated in the rules of procedure of the parliament.

He added that persons who are suspected of being involved in corruption or conflict of interest will not be able to take the oath of office.

"How can one afford to dismiss the former PM for conflict of interest and then propose names suspected of corruption and conflict of interest," he said.

Saied also expressed dismay at the lack of women experts in the list proposed by the Prime Minister.

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