ISIE : Museum of Democracy inaugurated in Tunis
23/02/2021 16:01, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) -The Independent High Authority for Elections (French: ISIE) and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) inaugurated the Museum of Democracy in Tunis on Tuesday.  

The Museum of Democracy is a mobile museum which provides civic and electoral information to citizens using new technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), ISIE President Nabil Baffoun said in a statement to the press.  

The museum also offer a better insight into confusing terminologies such as the principles of democracy, elections and the transfer of power process, Baffoun added.

The mobile museum, inaugurated Tuesday at the headquarters of  ISIE Tunis 1 will be open to the public from Tuesday, February 23. It offers citizens a better understanding of the concept of State institutions, deepens their knowledge about their political and civil rights and encourages participation in public life and elections through the simulation of a 3D electoral operation.  

The museum is also accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people. During their visit, they are provided with a sign language interpretation. The museum is also open to the visually impaired or blind people, the illiterate and those with learning disabilities by offering them reading technology screens.  

The ISIE is also planning to hold organised visits to the museum in collaboration with the ministries of culture, education and higher education,  Baffoun underscored, stressing that a calendar of museum trips across the country has already been made.  

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Governor of Tunis, the Mayor of Tunis and a number of civil society activists.




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