Rally in support of Palestinian people at Kasbah Square, Tunis
15/05/2021 16:32, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A rally in support of the Palestinian people took place in the Kasbah Square in Tunis on Saturday, on the initiative of the Tunisian Civil Coalition Against Normalisation.

Demonstrators held signs and chanted slogans condemning the raids, destruction and forced evictions carried out by the Zionist entity on the Palestinian people for several days in Gaza and al-Quds.

The slogans read «Save Gaza,» «Save Sheikh Jarrah,» «Al-Quds rise up,» "No to the judaisation of al-Quds,» «Gaza under attack,» «We will not leave…»

«It is important that all peoples and all champions of freedom in the world express their support for the Palestinians, victims of a genocide planned by the Zionist enemy,» executive director of the "Supporters of Palestine" organisation Bechir Khedhri to TAP.

He denounced «the complicity of several Arab leaders» in the massacres of women, children and innocent unarmed civilians, adding «their laxity, their betrayal of the cause and their rush to normalise relations with the Zionist entity will not affect the determination of Palestinians to resist and to liberate their land.

He pointed to Tunisia's stepping in, as non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to request an emergency meeting of the Council and condemn the massacres perpetrated by the Zionist entity.

Khedri called on the Tunisian government to summon the US and French ambassadors to formally protest and ask for clarification of their countries' support for the Zionist aggression.

Secretary General of the Tunisian General Union of Students (UGTE) Hamza Akaïchi, in the same context, called on the Tunisian authorities to speed up the enactment of the law criminalising normalisation, announcing that support rallies will be held in Tunisian universities when classes resume.

The UGTE will launch a campaign to collect donations for the Palestinian people, in coordination with civil society and relevant international organisations, he added.

Zionist raids on Gaza have intensified in recent days, killing more than 130 people, including forty children, and injuring more than 630.

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