Young protesters, police clash in Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunis [Upd 1]
12/06/2021 20:15, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis saw clashes between young protesters and the police over the recent death of a young man in Sidi Hassine Sejoumi in unclear circumstances and the violent assault of another by the police.

According to a TAP reporter on site, several arrests have been made by the police who have tracked down protesters on the emblematic Habib Bourguiba Avenue and its adjacent streets.

The police have used tear gas to disperse angry protesters, who rallied by dozens in front of the headquarters of the Interior Ministry. Protesters threw stones and water bottles at the police.

A young demonstrator assaulted by police officers collapsed during these clashes.

The police blocked the access to the main avenue with crowd control barriers preventing any return of the protesters. A chaotic situation prevailed, according to TAP journalist on the spot.

Shortly before the clashes broke out, dozens of protesters rallied in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior. "Dignity and freedom for working class neighborhoods," they chanted, accusing the Ministry of the Interior of "terrorism.

In a statement Friday, several left-wing political parties and national organisations have called for a demonstration at the emblematic Avenue Bourguiba, to denounce "the repressive behaviour of the regime.»

These include the Echaâb movement, the Democratic Patriots' Unified Party (PPDU), the Workers' Party, the Popular Current, the Soumoud Coalition and the General Union of Students of Tunisia.

The locality of Sidi Hassine Séjoumi has been the scene of clashes between the police and local youth for several days.

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