In Bardo, demonstrators call for government departure and dissolution of parliament
25/07/2021 18:38, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Hundreds of young people gathered on Sunday near the parliament, in Bardo, and demanded the departure of the government and the dissolution of the House of People's Representatives (ARP).

The police were present in large numbers, preventing the demonstrators from advancing towards the Bardo square, which increased the tension between security and protesters. The latter tried to cross the security barriers set up. Clashes broke out and stones and bottles of water were thrown at the police.

Young people intervened to reframe the movement during which reporters and photographers security officers were slightly injured, noted TAP's correspondent who was present at the scene.

Slogans against the political support of the government (Ennahdha, Qalb Tunes and Al Karama) were chanted by the demonstrators who denounced the mismanagement of the health crisis and the deterioration of the economic and social situation in the country. They called for the dissolution of parliament.

The demonstrators stressed the peaceful and spontaneous nature of this action, saying that no party is behind the protests.

Opposition political parties, such as the Workers' Party, have said in separate statements that they do not support the protest movement, which is allegedly being called by "suspicious parties" who are acting with a hidden face.

The demonstrations, observed on this day of celebration of the Republic Day in the capital and several regions were organised by "the Higher Council of Youth", an association not registered in the list of organisations and associations active in Tunisia.

These movements are held in a delicate health context marked by the increase, since last June, of the number of infections by the coronavirus.

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