Political and civil society activists affirm commitment to Constitution
12/09/2021 18:58, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Over 90 political and civil society activists affirmed Sunday in a statement, "commitment to the 2014 Constitution which crowned the Revolution process," and rejection "of any attempt to circumvent or violate it."

They considered that the latest statements by the advisor to the President of the Republic "confirm the putschist process initiated on July 25 in violation of the provisions of the Constitution through exceptional measures that do not comply with the content of Article 80 of the Constitution.

The signatories of the statement called to "pool all efforts against the coup d'état, promptly return to the democratic process" and to put an end to the exceptional measures, including the freezing of the parliament's activities.

They also raised concerns about the state of freedoms in Tunisia, notably with regard to travel bans, trials of civilians in military courts and arrests and raids conducted out of the judicial and legal process.

These are serious indicators pointing towards a new dictatorship, they considered.

Besides, the signers of the document expressed satisfaction at the voices raised by several political actors and civil society activists against the Head of State's initiative.

"These are the same people who expressed the intention to break away from the framework of legality, refusing any change in the current power without respecting the provisions of the Constitution," they pointed out.

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