Ennahdha: "Kaïs Saied's exceptional measures have tarnished Tunisia's image"
21/10/2021 23:31, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The exceptional and "unconstitutional" measures taken by President Kaïs Saïed since July 25 "have tarnished the image of post-revolution Tunisia, since they have harmed the country's achievements," the Ennahdha movement said in a statement Thursday.

"President Kaïs Saïed took full powers on July 25, causing an unprecedented political crisis and an outcry at the national and international levels," said Ennahdha, the party with the highest number seats in the suspended parliament (52).

It said the "exceptional" measures of Kaïs Saïed have sabotaged the democratic process engaged in Tunisia and may today turn the country into "human rights' case" on an international scale.

At its meeting Wednesday, Ennadha's executive committee called for a return to legitimacy and a transparent democratic process, involving civil society and various political actors.

It also called for the resumption of activities of the parliament that was suspended nearly three months ago.

The objective, according to the same press release, being to give a legal aspect to the government.

President Kaïs Saïed announced last July 25 a series of exceptional measures, invoking Article 80 of the Constitution. He decided the suspension of all activities of the parliament for 30 days, the lifting of parliamentary immunity of MPs and the dismissal of prime minister Hichem Mechichi.

A month later, he decided to extend the period of application of the exceptional measures.

On September 22, he promulgated a Presidential Decree No. 2021-117 on new exceptional measures, including extending the suspension of all activities of the parliament and the lifting of parliamentary immunity of deputies and suspending all allowances and benefits granted to the Speaker of Parliament and to MPs.

He also decided to abolish the provisional authority for the control of the constitutionality of bills.

under this decree, President Saïed will develop draft amendments relating to political reforms, with the assistance of a committee whose organisation is set by presidential decree

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