Saïed announces parliamentary elections for December 17, 2022, and constitutional reform referendum for next July 25
13/12/2021 23:11, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed announced, Monday evening, in a speech to the Tunisian people, a set of measures on the eve of the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Revolution, citing, in particular, the holding of parliamentary elections for December 17, 2022, and the extension of the freeze of Parliament until the organisation of this election.

President Kaïs Saïed also announced the organisation of popular consultation, from January 1st, via electronic platforms, to which will be added direct consultations in each delegation of the country and abroad. The work of this consultation should end on March 20, 2022.

In his speech, the Head of State said that the draft constitutional and other reforms will be submitted to a popular referendum on July 25 next year. The work of the coordination committee between the various proposals and responses made on the electronic platform should end, before June 2022.

This committee, whose members will be appointed later, will consider many reforms related to the organisation of elections "far from any interference", said Saïed.

In addition, President Kaïs Saïed called for the trial of "those who have committed crimes against the state and the people," urging the judiciary to "exercise its full function within the framework of impartiality. "The judiciary is "independent and bears a historical responsibility," he insisted.

On another level, the Head of State announced a criminal reconciliation with those involved in economic and financial crimes, in accordance with his vision announced in 2012.

According to the Presidency of the Republic, this reconciliation consists in establishing a criminal reconciliation with those involved in financial corruption cases, knowing that criminal reconciliation is provided for in more than one law, according to the same source.

Under this reconciliation project, each individual "convicted" undertakes to carry out development projects requested by the inhabitants of each delegation. These projects are roads, hospitals, schools ...). A regional commission should ensure the control and monitoring of these projects

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