Noureddine Bhiri "kidnapped" by plain-clothes police, Ennahdha says [Upd 1]
31/12/2021 13:18, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Ennahdha Deputy-President and MP Noureddine Bhiri was "kidnapped" Friday by plain-clothes police and "taken to unknown location," the party said. Lawyer and Bhiri's wife Saida Akremi was "assaulted" during "the kidnapping."

"Ennahdha strongly decried this dangerous precedent - an early-warning sign the country is ushered into an era of authoritarianism. and elimination of political opponents outside the framework of law enforcement," further reads a party press release.

"The "Coup regime" is held responsible for this. The latter failed to manage the country's current affairs and is unable to live up to its false promises, thus opting for a disinformation policy."

Ennahdha cited as an example the 2022 Finance Law which, it said, "resulted in further tax charges for citizens, in addition to cases built up from nothing to divert the attention of public opinion by eliminating political opponents."

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