Discussions on economic and social reforms will begin next weekend (Sadok Belaid)
12/06/2022 18:34, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Discussions around economic and social reforms in the new constitution will be conducted from next weekend, Head and Coordinator of the Advisory Committee for a New Republic Sadok Belaid said Sunday.

Speaking to reporters after the third session of the national dialogue held Sunday in Dar Dhiafa Carthage, Belaid said the “the text of the new constitution will be valid for decades.”

He added that the position of the UGTT, which refused the draft reform, submitted by the government to the World Monetary Fund "is not new," saying he would not comment on this.

He stressed that members of the Advisory Economic and Social Affairs Committee met Saturday with government representatives and discussed some points that could fit into the new constitution.

This third session was chaired by Ibrahim Bouderbala, head of the Advisory Economic and Social Affairs Committee, in the presence of Sadok Belaid.

President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Samir Majoul and President of the National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT) Radhia Jerbi were also present.

According to a statement, a presentation on the programme of major economic reforms submitted by the government to the IMF was made by government representatives

The members of the government team said the reform programme could materialise and bring Tunisia out of the economic and financial crisis, stressing that these reforms are Tunisian.

They also presented the results of negotiations with international financial institutions so that the committee is informed of government action in this area and to allow participants in the national dialogue to make their comments.

According to the same statement, the speakers stressed that social and security stability and the fight against terrorism and smuggling must be prioritised in the reform process.

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