"New constitution to prioritise economic component, to getTunisia out of crisis" (Belaid)
18/06/2022 19:32, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The High Advisory Committee for the New Republic has chosen to give more importance to the economic aspect than the political one and its first choice would be to establish a balanced system between the liberal and social economy, said its head.

The objective is “to put in place a plan to get out of the crisis and avoid the deadlock created by the 2014 Constitution," head of the committee Sadok Belaid was quoted as saying in a statement issued after the joint meeting between the Economic and Social Advisory Committee and the Legal Advisory Committee Saturday.

“The economic, social, cultural and environmental rights of Tunisian citizens were neglected in the 2014 constitution,” Belaid insisted, calling to leverage natural resources and to rely on human resources by promoting scientific research, knowledge and science.”

“Unlike previous constitutions, the 2022 constitution should pay special attention to the economic aspect, since the current stage makes it imperative to set up a political regime driving the country's economy."

Regarding the controversy about his previous remarks on the first article of the constitution, Belaid said his statements were distorted, affirming that “Tunisia is a state whose religion is Islam and which has secular cultural and political civilisational achievements.”

Belaid pointed out that "the national and international situation has changed a lot, which requires keeping abreast with changes to avoid the worst scenario of the country's bankruptcy. "

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