Salvation Front back on the street in protest against the President
10/12/2022 18:22, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Hundreds of Tunisians, on Saturday, responded to the call of the Salvation Front which invited them to take to rally to demand the "return of the constitutional process".

The protest set off from the «Place de la Monnaie» and headed to the Municipal Theater, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, through the street of Athens and Avenue Habib Thameur.

Participants in the march have claimed "the departure" of President Kaïs Saïed whom they believe "unable to manage the country", as evidenced, according to them, by "the deteriorating social and economic conditions» and the «acute political crisis» facing the country.

The organisers also called for boycotting the December 17 legislative elections. Through these elections, President Kaïs Saïed intends to give "a supposed legitimacy to the coup power", they argue.

In a statement to TAP, Ahmed Néjib Chebbi, the president of the Salvation Front said the Front is "an opposition force listened to in Tunisia and abroad.» He added that "President Saied, who once claimed to have popular legitimacy is now isolated within his country.»

Abdellatif Mekki, former leader in Ennahdha and chairman of the "Party Work and Achievement", said "the people are capable of overthrowing the coup.

Ali Larayedh, leader in Ennahdha said civil society and politicians must unite more "to defend their achievements. He regretted, however, the lack of unity in the ranks of the opposition which has not yet managed, according to him, to form a force capable of playing a more active role. Consultations are underway between the various parties that oppose the July 25 process, he said.

For Jawher Ben Mbarek (Citizens against the coup), neither the results of the upcoming legislative elections, nor the institutions that will result from it, "will be recognized.

Samira Chaouachi (Qalb Tounes Party) stressed that the organisers of and participants in this march demand "the right to democracy" and reject "the return to dictatorship. The peaceful movements of the Salvation Front will continue until President Kaïs Saïed steps down, she added.

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