Judge reshuffle at heart of meeting between President Saied and head of provisional CSM
24/01/2023 22:07, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - President Kais Saied discussed many issues, including the annual judge reshuffle and the independence of the judiciary as he met President of the Provisional Supreme Judicial Council Moncef Kchaou Tuesday at Carthage Palace.

Regarding the annual judge reshuffle, the Head of State stressed the need to define carefully and accurately "objective criteria" that apply to all.

He reaffirmed the need for the judiciary to be exercised in full and complete "independence", reads a statement from the Presidency of the Republic.

«There can be no independent justice without sovereign and independent judges,» the Head of State emphasised.

On the other hand, the President of the Republic took the opportunity to remind of the imperative to comply with the obligation of reserve that falls to all those who assume positions of responsibility within the state apparatus, including the judiciary.

He welcomed, in this regard, the work so far done by the Provisional Supreme Judicial Council.

Quoted in the statement, President Saied also raised the delicate issue of judicial time, stressing that it is totally unacceptable to see anyone remain in prison for an unlimited period without ruling on his case, while he could be innocent and the duration of his detention could exceed the duration provided for by law.

According to the same source, the head of state also said it is unacceptable that some people are not accountable and that their cases drag on before the courts for years.

Intimately linked to each other, justice and law are "inseparable and indivisible," said the President.

President Saied praised the work done by the Council in redesigning the training programmes at the Higher Institute of the Judiciary so as to improve the performance of courts in the coming years.

In this regard, the Head of State stressed that there can be no successful reform without a fair law that accurately reflects the will of the holder of sovereignty; without an efficient judiciary and without independent magistrates who are fully aware of the magnitude of the responsibility and the mission assigned to them.

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