Legislative elections: weak electoral campaign in second round, says Mourakiboun
26/01/2023 16:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The report of the "Mourakiboun" network on the electoral campaign of the second round of the legislative elections, covering the period between January 16 and 23 revealed "a slow pace of the electoral campaign in terms of field activities and a total absence of this campaign in a large number of delegations."

Mourakiboun said that more than 70% of the campaigns consisted of leafleting and direct contact with voters in public places and markets.

Most election programmes, promises and declarations have a local and regional dimension as far as field campaigns are concerned, according to the report.

On the organisational side, Mourakiboun said that the electoral authority had announced a series of new measures to boost turnout in view of the low turnout in the first round.

The Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) had indeed announced the creation of an electronic space dedicated to the presentation of candidates and organised a televised debate between them.

The ISIE also announced the development of youth centres to allow a better presentation of candidates' programmes.

These announced measures were, however, not presented in advance so that they can be used in the second round, notes Mourakiboun.

Moreover, the electoral authority demanded that the questions addressed to the candidates must be part of their electoral programme.

A clear violation, according to Mourakiboun, of the freedom of journalistic work and the editorial line of the media.

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