Parties, organisations hold rally in support of Palestinian people
28/01/2023 20:02, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Representatives of parties and organisations, on Saturday, held a rally on Habib Bourguiba Avenue, in support of the Palestinian people facing the "Israeli machine of war and destruction."

A number of Palestinian figures residing in Tunisia also joined the rally, including Mohamad Badran, known as Abu Osama, a trade union activist and grandfather to three young Palestinian martyrs who were recently murdered in Jenin.

Abu Osama spoke to TAP about the circumstances of the assassination of his three grandsons, who were «cowardly murdered last Thursday by the Israeli occupation forces during an assault on Jenin, West Bank.»

The three martyrs were listed "wanted" by the Israeli army because of their «acts of resistance» against the occupier.

Moreover, after having murdered his three grandsons, the Israeli forces sentenced their father to six months in prison, he mentioned.

"We are here to shout and decry the blatant Israeli atrocity against our people and to express our anger at this rogue state," he said.

Abu Osama has been living in Tunisia since 1983, when the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat had to be relocated from Lebanon to Tunisia.

He had held senior positions in the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions and the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions.

He was also banned from returning to the autonomous Palestinian territories in the aftermath of the Oslo Accords, as he was blacklisted by the Zionist entity because of his participation in acts of resistance against Israel.

"The Palestinian people will never give up their right to resistance," he said, stressing that "Israeli brutality is not uncommon."

"Our people will continue their long and painful journey against all odds to regain their freedom, their independence and the establishment of their state with the holy city of Al-Quds as its capital," Abu Osama added.

The Palestinian Authority is firmly determined to defend the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of the obstinacy of the Israeli occupier "supported by the United States."

For his part, secretary general of the Popular Current party Zouheir Hamdi said this rally carries "a strong message of support for the Palestinian people and their resistance."

"These crimes and atrocities are not only a danger against the Palestinian people but rather a threat against all humanity."

Tunisia had affirmed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs its "full" solidarity with the Palestinian people who are fighting a hard battle to recover their occupied territories and legitimate, imprescriptible and irrevocable rights.

The mother of three martyrs Mohamed, Nour and Ahmed Ghoneim had stated that her sons, hunted down by Israeli forces, left their home a few days before their death.

The Zionist entity had mobilised major resources to find my children, she told Palestinian media.

"The army had arrested their father 10 days ago to force my sons to surrender willingly to the attackers. It was a leverage tactic to take their father hostage," she reported.

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