MEPs call for Marshall Plan for Tunisia
12/07/2016 18:45, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- European Deputies (MEPs) of the Foreign Affairs Committee called, on Tuesday, for the establishment of a "Marshall Plan" to support democratic consolidation in Tunisia and support its economic development.

"The current situation in Tunisia justifies the implementation of a true" Marshall Plan "to support democratic consolidation and promote economic development, say MEPs from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

In a report on the relations of the European Union with Tunisia in the current regional context adopted, on Tuesday, by 51 votes for, 2 against, and 7 abstentions, MEPs hail the intensification of the strategic dialogue between the European Union and Tunisia in the fight against terrorism and the establishment of a EU-Tunisia Joint Parliamentary Committee.

MEPs also stressed the need to support the House of the People's Representatives (HPR) in view of a fragile regional context. They commended the establishment of a Joint Parliamentary Committee in order to establish a structured political dialogue on democracy, the rule of law and other subjects of mutual interest for Tunisia and the European Union.

The deputies called for maintaining technical assistance for the benefit of the civil society group given their action in the democratic transition.

They also expressed concern about facing the sustainability of the Tunisian debt and called for its conversion into investment projects.

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