Ennahda will have active role in new government (Rached Ghannouchi)
14/08/2016 15:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - President of the Ennahda movement Rached Ghannouchi said Sunday in Beja his party will work to ensure that its representation in the government reflects its true political weight away from the logic of quotas.


Ennahda has proposed names, he said, indicating that the party will have an active role in the new government.

Ghannouchi emphasised the desire to bring parties and other actors closer, in the service of "successful democratic coalition" in Tunisia.

Ennahda will remain, however, a party different from other parties while being convinced that it is through dialogue and reconciliation between the various parties that Tunisia was able to stand out from other Arab countries.

According to the president of Ennahda, the success of the new cabinet will depend on the will of all Tunisians, given the challenges.

It was agreed that the new government will be "a government of fight against corruption and smuggling and work for development," he said.

Chairing a ceremony to honour laureates in the different levels of education of the region, Rached Ghannouchi stressed the importance of knowledge in Islam.

Islam was a revolution against ignorance, he argued. He, in this regard, noted that terrorism is "a Jihad of ignorance", citing the terrorist organisation Daesh.

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