Hamma Hammami: parliamentary group of FP will vote against Chahed’s government
22/08/2016 17:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Spokesman for the Popular Front (FP) Hamma Hammami said Monday that the parliamentary group of the Front will vote against Youssef Chahed’s government which he called "government of political quotas representing Nidaa Tounes and Ennahda."

"The composition of the new cabinet was decorated by some political and union figures," he pointed out at a press briefing at the headquarters of the Front after a meeting of its central board.

Given its composition, the new cabinet will be an extension of Essid’s government and submitted to local lobbying and dictates of international financial institutions that are likely to aggravate the financial and social crisis in the country, said Hamma Hammami.

He added that the composition of the announced government "largely reveals a complacent cabinet where several ministers have no connection with the portfolio they will be in charge, noting a "conflict of interest" regarding several names proposed in the new government between their responsibilities and ministries that have been entrusted to them.

He cited the example of the investment and international co-operation portfolio entrusted to a person "with ties to financial institutions" and also questioned the relationship of Ennahda Secretary-General Zied Ladhari with the trade and industry sectors. Some proposed secretaries of state have close ties with sons-in-law of the deposed president, he has further indicated.

"To say that young people and women are represented in the new cabinet is an illusion. They are only former “rcdists” (RCD members) with no skills, some of whom are subject of suspected corruption,” he noted.

The new cabinet is not a government of national unity. It will not apply a policy of austerity, or fight against corruption and terrorism, Hamma Hammami stressed, noting that ten ministers in Essid’s cabinet were maintained. The Tunisian people will have to assess its performance in handling sensitive issues such as water scarcity issues, corruption, tax evasion, martyrs and assassinations, he said.

Opposition parties, which have agreed to join Chahed’s government, are no longer among friends of the Front and no longer part of the opposition, since they entered the ruling coalition and will apply its choice and its political orientations, Hamma Hammami pointed out.

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