Taher Foudhil quits UPL
26/08/2016 19:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - MP Taher Foudhil, on Friday, announced his resignation from the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) party and its parliamentary bloc "because of suspicions of corruption mentioned in some statements".

According to him, these suspicions of corruption were proven according to the statements of former executive board member, responsible for UPL policies, Jamel Tlili and party president, Slim Riahi, who announced Thursday on the extraordinary national council of the UPL the opening of an internal investigation for alleged corruption involving former party secretary general Hatem El Euch.

In a statement to TAP, the resigning MP said he filed his resignation to the registry office of the parliament, adding that he no longer has any link with the parliamentary bloc of the UPL and the errors and failures committed by the party.

Foudhil, however, assured that he will not join any other party and that he intends to remain independent in parliament to defend the interests of the people.

Taher Foudhil recalled having resigned from the UPL in February 2016 before backing down two months later, after promises made including laying the foundations of a democratic action within the party.

Taher Foudhil served as spokesman for the parliamentary bloc of the Free Patriotic Union.

Hatem El Euch, who holds the portfolio of the Minister of Public Property and Land Affairs in the caretaker government, Thursday, announced his resignation from the UPL and the general secretariat of the party.

According to him, this decision comes amid UPL’s delay in adopting a position about the vote of confidence in the government of Youssef Chahed.

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