"Formation of centrist political front aims to establish political balance," says Mohsen Marzouk
17/12/2016 19:07, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The “Tunisia Project” (Machrou Tounes) is seeking to form a “centrist political front” which is now in the phase of talks and dialogue and involving to date the Nidaa Tounes Movement, the Free Patriotic Union (UPL), the Socialist Party (PS), the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPD), the "Al-Thawabet" party, Machrou Tounes and independent figures, Secretary-General of the Movement Mohsen Marzouk said Saturday.

Speaking on the sidelines of a workshop on the cultural sector held in Tozeur, Marzouk told TAP the formation of this political front, which is still in the process of consultation, aims to set up a partisan mechanism able to meet the upcoming challenges and to create a competitive environment capable of establishing a political balance in the country.

Regarding his party's vote against the budget law for 2017, Mohsen Marzouk made it clear that this vote does not mean that “Machrou Tounes” has given up trusting the government or joining the opposition. "The vote of confidence in the government was subject to conditions, from the beginning," he said. "The finance law cannot meet the requirements of the current stage," he pointed out.

The second meeting of consultations on the establishment of a centrist political front held last Thursday saw the accession of new parties and national personalities to this formation. Consultations on this project were launched last November.

The meeting was attended by representatives of UPL (Slim Riahi and Samira Chaouachi), Machrou Tounes (Mohsen Marzouk and Sadok Chaâbane), the salvation committee of Nidaa Tounes (Ridha Belhaj, Boujomâa Remili and Khemaïes Ksila), The Socialist Party (Mohamed Kilani) and Abdelaziz Kotti, who resigned from the parliamentary group of Nidaa Tounes and Mustapha Kamel Nabli (Former Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia).

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