Chafik Sarsar officially presents his resignation from ISIE presidency
17/05/2017 19:19, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – President of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), Chafik Sarsar, officially presented his resignation on Wednesday at a council meeting of the Authority.

Mourad Ben Mouelli, Vice-President of ISIE, and Lamia Zargouni, member, also officially presented their resignation.

Anouar Ben Hassan was elected Vice-President of ISIE. He will be responsible for directing the authority from the entry into force of the resignation of the three above-mentioned members.

In a press statement at ISIE headquarters, Sarsar said that "this meeting is only devoted to the presentation of the resignation".

At that meeting, he added, the members of the council agreed on "the need to preserve the electoral process and to continue the work", stressing their attachment to the holding of municipal elections on the date scheduled (December 17, 2017) and to respect the schedule for this event.

Chafik Sarsar explained that to ensure the smooth running of the electoral process and to compensate for the vacancy in the authority, it was decided to elect a vice-president.

"We have presented our resignation and we are waiting to be replaced before the parliamentary holidays," he said.

For his part, Anouar Ben Hassan said that the council is, as of this Wednesday, in open meeting. The members of the council, he underlined, want to respect the timetable according to which the registration on the lists of electors will start on June 19 and the organisation of the municipal elections is foreseen on the 17 of December.

Ben Hassan also indicated that correspondence will be sent to the House of People's Representatives before the parliamentary recess to fill vacancies on the board of ISIE.

On May 9, the ISIE president announced his resignation as well as those of Vice President Mourad Ben Mouelli and Lamia Zargouni (member).

According to Sarsar, this decision is in line with the commitment he made in his swearing in which he pledged to respect the provisions of the Constitution and to guarantee free and transparent elections.

The ISIE council was due to meet last Monday to examine a "draft charter to ensure the electoral process of the municipalities" and thus allow "the smooth running and organisation of this event and the continuity of work within the Authority.”

The meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum; with the majority of the members of the council absent, the ISIE said in a statement released on Monday.

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