Kasserine: Fire exchanges between National Guard forces and terrorists near border crossing of Boudarias
11/07/2017 22:42, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Exchanges of fire between the National Guard forces and a terrorist group took place Tuesday near the border guard station in the Boudarias locality in the Foussana delegation in Kasserine governorate, The Interior Ministry said in a statement, specifying that the terrorist group had fled to the mountains in the direction of the Algerian territory.

According to the same source, the terrorist group was observing the border guard post of Boudarias and the nearby border posts from a high forest site overlooking the roads and the trails leading to the security units.

On the basis of reports of the presence of three bearded aliens next to the border crossing, officers of the National Guard rushed to the site near the Tunisian-Algerian border, 3 kilometers from the border crossing of Boudarias. Before the arrival of the security forces, three bearded terrorist elements fired shots towards the National Guard patrol.

"Shooting exchanges took place between the security units and the terrorists who were chased before fleeing to the Algerian territory," the statement said.

No injuries were recorded among the National Guard units, the ministry said, pointing out that the sweep operations are continuing and that reinforcements from the Kasserine National Guard and the National Army have been dispatched.

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