Two Takfiri cells broken up in Tabarka, Sidi Bouzid
27/10/2017 15:04, TUNIS/Tunisia

AP)- A Takfiri cell with ties to the terrorist organisation of Daesh was broken up in Tabarka, governorate of Jendouba, the Interior Ministry Friday announced. Its seven members, aged 25 to 30, admitted to having embraced the Takfiri ideology and participated in meetings that urge young people to join terror groups in conflict areas.

They also confessed to "links with terrorists holed up along Tunisia's border with Algeria or abroad."

The houses of the cell members were searched; books and pamphlets of Takfiri character were also seized, the Interior Ministry indicated. A judicial investigation was initiated against them over "terror group membership."

National guards dismantled an eight-member strong cell in Sidi Bouzid, the Interior Ministry announced in another press release.

The cell members, including five women, acknowledged allegiance to Daesh and confessed to apology for terrorism. They also said they had connections with terrorists in conflict areas.

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