Two Maghreb nationals arrested as part of anti-terrorism investigation (Interior)
03/01/2018 17:24, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Two Maghreb people have been arrested as part of an anti-terrorist investigation, the Interior Ministry announced Wednesday.

"The suspects are linked to a terrorist element classified as "dangerous ", recently arrested by the Brigade of Investigation into Terrorist Crimes and Organised Crimes during a "proactive” operation, the Interior Department said in a statement.

The ministry also reported the arrest of two Tunisian nationals in the same case.

They are believed to have provided financial support to terrorists, the same source said.

"The investigation continues in co-ordination with the public prosecutor at the judicial counter-terrorism division,” the department said in the same statement.

The Interior Ministry announced Tuesday the arrest of a Maghreb terrorist wanted by his country’s authorities.

The suspect had been, for ten years, in the company of terrorist groups holed up in the mountains, the department had specified.

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