Siliana: 377,000 quintals of grain collected
24/06/2024 18:40, TUNIS/Tunisia
Siliana, June 24 (TAP) - The quantities of grain collected in the governorate of Siliana have reached 377,000 quintals from the start of the harvest...
Kef: 222,000 quintals of grains collected
24/06/2024 15:47, TUNIS/Tunisia
KEF, June 24 (TAP) - The quantities of grains collected in the governorate of Kef increased, since the start of the harvest until Monday, June 24, to...
Ras Jédir crossing to remain open for humanitarian, emergency cases at request of Libyans
24/06/2024 09:58, TUNIS/Tunisia
Médenine, June 24 (TAP)- The border crossing of Ras Jédir (governorate of Médenine) will remain open for humanitarian and urgent cases only , a...
Thirty-six fires sweep nearly 110 ha of grain area in Beja
22/06/2024 17:36, TUNIS/Tunisia
Beja, June 22 (TAP) - Thirty-six fires have been reported in the governorate of Beja since early May, ravaging nearly 110 hectares of grain...
Positive momentum for Djerba-Zarzis International Airport
21/06/2024 20:35, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, June 21 (TAP)- The number of flights passing through Djerba-Zarzis International Airport on Thursday totalled 81 arrivals and departures, a...
Full re-opening of Ras Jedir border crossing postponed until Monday (Libyan Interior Ministry)
19/06/2024 20:08, MEDENINE/Tunisia
Medenine, June 19 (TAP) - The full reopening of the Ras Jedir border crossing from the Libyan side has been postponed to Monday, June 24, pending the...
Violent brawl between sub-Saharan migrants in Zarzis puts two in intensive care
19/06/2024 19:10, MEDENINE/Tunisia
Medenine, June 19 (TAP) - Two people were injured and admitted to the ICU of the regional hospital in Zarzis after a violent fight involving bladed...
Gabes: Quality support project for universities underway
19/06/2024 18:53, TUNIS/Tunisia
GABES, June 19 (TAP) - The University of Gabès has received a batch of new equipment as part of a quality support project aimed at modernising a...
Pistachio production estimated at 2,000 tonnes in Gafsa
18/06/2024 18:14, TUNIS/Tunisia
Gafsa, June 18 (TAP) - Pistachio production in the Gafsa governorate is estimated at 2,000 tonnes this year, 800 tonnes less than last year. This...
Over 48,000 tourists visit Mahdia from early January to June 10 (tourism commissioner)
15/06/2024 14:10, MAHDIA/Tunisia
Tunis, June 15 (TAP)- Tourism indicators trended upwards in Mahdia in the period running from January 1 to June 10. Tourist numbers rose 3.3%...
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