Nabeul-Floods: 24 hotels affected, damage estimated at 13 MD
07/12/2018 18:30, NABEUL/Tunisia

(TAP) - The damage caused by the September 2018 floods in Nabeul had affected 24 hotels and are estimated at 13 million dinars (MD).

In the handicraft sector, losses are estimated at 3 million 650 thousand dinars, according to a report from the National Tourist Office presented at a meeting of the Regional Tourism Council at the headquarters of the governorate on Friday.

During the meeting, emphasis was placed on damage to infrastructure in the tourist area that still requires urgent intervention.

Meeting participants, including hotel managers, proposed rescheduling the STEG bill, granting subsidised credits over five years, postponing the collection of debts over a year and exemption from customs duties on maintenance equipment.

A report on the situation of hotels affected by the floods will be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism and the Prime Ministry, the governor of Nabeul said, stating that a proposal by professionals to prioritise the six most damaged hotels will be considered.

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