Year VIII of Revolution: Ariana region of great contrasts
11/01/2019 16:16, ARIANA/Tunisia

(TAP / Sonia Ftouhi) - During the eight years of the Revolution of 17 December-14 January, the Ariana region experienced changes at all economic, social and political levels, but still fails to overcome the problems of poverty, unemployment, marginalisation and anarchic construction, making Ariana the region of great contrasts.

In Ettadhamen, the integrated development project to which the inhabitants attach great hope is still waiting to be implemented. With a total cost of 10 million dinars, it would make it possible to improve infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, street lighting) in working class neighbourhoods and stimulate the creation of projects in handicrafts and small trades.

In the Raoued delegation, the inhabitants hope that the residential, economic, social and industrial complex project in Sidi Amor, which will require investments of around 100 million dinars, will help to reduce uncontrolled construction and provide the average citizen with decent housing, but land problems have prevented its implementation for more than four years.

In Soukra, an agricultural delegation nibbled by urban expansion, the lack of a strategic vision for improving transport, environment, culture and sports sectors makes life a little more difficult in this city of 129,000 inhabitants where traffic on the main road is becoming increasingly difficult, with the proliferation of shops and buildings.

In Sidi Thabet, land problems in neighbourhoods such as Mbarka, Tabaieb and Essaada further marginalise the delegation, despite the fact that it has very fertile agricultural land and a technological centre capable of absorbing a specialised workforce in several fields.

In Kalaât Landlous, the inhabitants live in difficult conditions in the absence of development projects, but a glimmer of hope points to the delegation with the launch, on January 8, 2019, of work to develop the fishing port paralysed by a silting problem. At the end of this 30-month project, this project should mark the return of the 200 fishermen who are currently forced to migrate to other ports.

The most important achievement since the revolution is the one enjoyed by the Mnihla delegation, which has succeeded in becoming an important economic centre with 25 companies. The new municipal council elected on May 6, 2018, aims to put in place, as soon as possible, an urban development plan to reduce uncontrolled construction and protect the city against flooding, particularly Sanhaja and Bassatine 1 and 2.

Ariana-city remains the beating heart of the governorate and the crossroads of Greater Tunis. Despite the strong pressure of traffic and anarchic housing, the city retains its influence and dynamism, enabling it to become a major metropolis.

With an unemployment rate of 11%, well below the national average (15.6%) and an illiteracy rate of 10.7% compared to 19.1% at the national level, the governorate of Ariana remains a region of great contrasts where some delegations are better than others.

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