Tataouine: results of 1st participatory survey on "citizen evaluation of local public health services”
10/02/2019 15:28, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) -The average citizen evaluation of health services in the governorate of Tataouine is 4.6 / 10, that of the rescue services is 4/10 while the average evaluation of external consultations and services of medical laboratories is also 4.6/10, revealed the results of the first participatory survey in Tunisia on "citizen evaluation of public health services in the governorate of Tataouine: Diagnosis and alternatives".

It emerged from a press conference to present the results of this study on Saturday that 61% of respondents said they conduct their check-up, consultations and medical tests in private practices and centres outside the region, given the difficulties they encounter in public structures.

The survey was based on a questionnaire submitted to a sample of 1,100 residents, representative of the Tataouine delegations, focus groups, field visits and interviews with local authorities, doctors, nurses and their patients.

The survey also looked at reproductive health in the only regional hospital and in the basic health centers, stating that 60% of the respondents are from urban areas while the rest are from rural areas. The age group (18/65 years) represents 92.8% of participants.

It also showed that the rate of respondents receiving discounted treatment cards is 35% while that of CNAM members is 39%.

Regarding accessibility to health care facilities, the survey states that the nearest regional hospital is 59 km away while the nearest university hospital is 307 km away.

 "The pioneering role of this survey is based on its methodology, which combines field research, community medicine standards and citizen knowledge," said project manager Mariam Baky.


The study was carried out after two years of work, by International Alert Tunisia and its partners: the Shamseya association for the management of health systems, the Tunisian association for the defense of public health and the rights of its users and the regional network of Tataouine associations.

The survey aims to assess the level of satisfaction of citizens with the various health services in the governorate, promote a culture of civic responsibility to develop these services and to provide citizen support to policy makers.

It also aims to present briefly the strengths and weaknesses of health services in all delegations and to clarify the differences between them and to make suggestions and citizen recommendations to the various parties in order to improve the quality and availability of health services.

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