Acts of violence in front of Chemical Group's headquarters in Sfax: Environmental and development coordination calls for investigation
21/04/2019 15:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Environment and Development Coordination in Sfax called for an investigation following the acts of violence perpetrated against supporters of Machrou Tounes and representatives of civil society, in a sit-in outside the headquarters of the Tunisian Chemical Group in Sfax.

The sit-in was organised to protest against the unfulfilled promises made by the Prime Minister two years ago on how to launch the development process in Sfax and the dismantling of SIAPE's polluting units.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the coordination reiterated its inalienable support for movements to stop pollution linked to phosphate activities, arguing that violence against sit-inters is a violation of freedom of expression.

Workers from Siape and trade unionists working in this establishment prevented Saturday the holding of a sit-on in front of the headquarters of the chemical group's management with the use of force.

The Regional Labour Union (URT) has denied, according to its Secretary General, Hédi Jomaa, any act of violence justifying what happened to the defence attempts made by the workers to protect their establishment, and source of income.

Machrou Tounes' general secretary, Mohsen marzouk, considered that banning the organisation of this sit-in, which is a constitutional right, is a violation of freedom of expression.

For his part, URT secretary general accused Mohsen Marzouk of launching an election campaign ahead of the electoral events by bringing together young people from the El Habib city, calling for a rally in order to trigger clashes with the trade unionists of the chemical group.

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