Kairouan: police clears road blocked by protesters
15/05/2019 15:21, KAIROUAN/Tunisia

(TAP) - The police intervened, Wednesday, in Kairouan to clear the main road of the city blocked by protesters of the movement of unemployed graduates “young Aghlabids”, who burnt tires.

The police arrested a number of protestors, which resulted in clashes between the two sides.

This escalation takes place after a 70-day sit-in to claim the recruitment of unemployed graduates.

Membes of the co-ordination of the Aghlabides Youth condemned the use of force against them and denounced the policy of exclusion and procrastination in dealing with their demands.

They demanded the immediate release of their comrades and affirmed maintaining their sit-in, until their demands are met.

About a hundred young people from the coordination of long-term unemployed graduates had started a sit-in in front of the Kairouan governorate headquarters on March 4, 2019 to demand recruitment in the public sector or the civil service.

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