Registration pace for elections accelerates in Tataouine
15/05/2019 16:44, TATAOUINE/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Independent Regional Authority for the Election (French: IRIE) in Tataouine, on Wednesday, launched a two-week door-to-door campaign in areas with high rates of abstention.

IRIE regional coordinator Taher Aouini said this campaign is aimed to extend outreach to achieve better results, which are already quite satisfactory.

1963 update operations were carried out, besides the registration of 10,831 people, a rate never achieved in previous years, Alouini said.

The mobilisation carried out by the IRIE made it possible to achieve a high rate of registration, particularly among students, pupils and rural women, he added.

Two IRIE agents will spend three days in the Saharan region to register workers at El Borma, Oued Zar and Nawara oil fields.

Registrations made in 2017 and 2018 reached 6500 people, bringing the number of registered voters from 59 thousand in 2014 to 65 thousand in 2018.

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