Turnout in municipal by-elections in Souk Jedid reaches 17.56% until midday
26/05/2019 14:45, SOUK JEDID/Tunisia

(TAP) - The turnout in the municipal by-elections in Souk Jedid reached 17.56% until midday, president of the Independent Regional Authority for the Elections (IRIE) Sidi Bouzid Boujemaa El Mechi told TAP.

Out of a total of 13,630 voters in the district of Souk Jedid, 2,297 people cast their ballots, until midday. No offense has been recorded, says the president of the IRIE.

Concerning some citizens who did not find their names on the voter register, El Mechi said for these municipal by-elections, it is the voter register of 2018 that is retained.

Those who have recently registered for the next parliamentary and presidential elections cannot vote in Sunday’s municipal by-elections, and those who have updated their registration must return to their 2018 polling station.

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