Kébili: Mobilisation for prevention of red weevil
29/05/2019 14:47, KEBILI/Tunisia

(TAP) - Civil society in Kébili is mobilising to prevent the red palm weevil and encourage the government to intervene to prevent its spread in date production areas in southern Tunisia.

Civil society representatives call for the establishment of a national programme to combat the red weevil in the northern governorates of the country, where it has appeared so far.

Despite the fact that this scourge is limited to ornamental palms in the northern part of the country, this does not prevent us from warning against the risk of spreading this palm beetle, which has caused havoc in several neighbouring countries, warns Maher Sghairoun, international expert in Phoeniculture, in a statement to TAP.

For the past two weeks, the expert had posted a status on social networks calling for vigilance against the spread of the red weevil, which prompted the mobilisation of civil society in the region.

A meeting was held earlier this week in the premises of the Military Pensioners' Association in Kébili, with the participation of civil society activists and specialists in the date and oasis sector. Emphasis was placed on the need to mobilise at the regional and national levels to put pressure on the government to put in place a preventive programme.

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