Undocumented migrants stranded off Zarzis, agree to return to their country
16/06/2019 18:46, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Undocumented migrants stranded off Zarzis coast in a tugboat which belongs to an oil company, voluntarily agreed to return to their country.

They are 64 Bangladeshi migrants, said President of the Observatory for Human Rights Mustapha Abdelkebir, who had throughout Saturday negotiations with the ambassador of their country in Tunis with residence in Tripoli who managed to convince them of this proposal that they had previously refused and which had been accepted by other migrants including nine Egyptians, a Moroccan and a Sudanese.

Abdelkebir commended "the responsiveness of the Bangladeshi diplomat in handling the issue of these migrants," saying that the ambassador’s visit for the second time to the region testifies to the importance given to the issue of migrants and the willingness of each party to assume its responsibilities and fulfil its role in a joint action.

He explained that other measures had been taken along with the repatriation of migrants during a meeting held Saturday night between the Tunisian authorities, the ambassador of Bangladesh and several national and international organisations.

This involves, in particular, the accommodation of these migrants in Zarzis for a few days pending finalisation of travel formalities, in co-ordination with the diplomatic representations concerned.

The accommodation of these migrants or other people who land in Tunisia following an attempt at irregular migration from Libya to Europe, remains according to Abdelkebir, very difficult especially in the governorate of Medenine which has hosted hundreds of migrants and refugees since 2011.

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