Tozeur: Raising women's awareness for upcoming elections
21/06/2019 17:35, TOZEUR/Tunisia

(TAP) - The "Irada" association for development, in Tozeur, organized a workshop to raise awareness among women from working class neighbourhoods of the need to participate in the upcoming elections. This action was carried out in partnership with the''Helba'' association for environment and development and the association Volunteering for environment.

It is part of the project "Strengthening the participation of women and youth in the 2019 national elections", funded by the International Republican Institute (IRI).

The workshop included operations to raise awareness of the vote and its different stages as well as the right to free and transparent elections, through knowledge of the law.

This workshop was followed by a white operation, with a simulation of the electoral process.

Most of the participants in the awareness workshop are of a certain age. They have already had elections, but for many of them, voting is the satisfaction of a stakeholder's request, rather than the exercise of a right," notes Sofiéne Barani, representative of the association "Irada". This perception is widespread among a large number of women voters, he added.

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