Tozeur: Saharan tourist village to be inaugurated in September
04/07/2019 17:47, TOZEUR/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Saharan tourist village of Tozeur, built by the Qatari Diar company, in Mrah Lahouar, will be inaugurated in September 2019, Mohamed Aymen Bejaoui, governor of Tozeur, told TAP.

The company plans to complete the work by the end of July, pending the handover of the project by the contractor on the 20th of the same month, adds the same source, indicating that the furnishing of hotels and villas is under way.

A two-month trial period will be observed from the date of receipt of the project. The official opening is scheduled for September.

The company was called upon to accelerate the operation of the project, adds the same source, ensuring that regional authorities and services work to solve the related administrative problems.

"Some difficulties prevented the inauguration of the tourist village in July, as announced by the promoter company," the governor said.

With regard to the recruitment of workers and specialised skills to work in the tourist village, the Governor of the region explained that the issue has not yet been addressed, considering that the company has not yet determined its labour and management needs.

"This project will encompass skills in various tourist specialities and several foreign languages, especially as the village will be one of the most luxurious resorts in the world," he said.

Regional authorities should give the necessary importance to the recruitment process for the village, adds the regional governor.

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